Mergers and Acquisitions


Phoenix partners have successfully assisted clients on both sides of the advisory process: on the “Buy-side” – by helping identify and acquire interests in potential investment targets; and on the “Sell-side” – in identifying and attracting minority or controlling interests from strategic partners. Phoenix brings to bear its knowledge, experience and extensive network in assisting clients during the due diligence, valuation and negotiation processes.



Phoenix’s M&A practice focuses on its exceptional technical analysis and on its experience in conducting due diligence and negotiations in the context of a vibrant and sometimes unusual Brazilian business environment. Phoenix partners have also developed close working relationships with selected institutions which ensure that all aspects of the transactions are carried out by specialized professionals with the sets of skills that are necessary to complete the transaction in the most successful way.




Phoenix’s ability to build customized computer financial models are of fundamental importance in analyzing and projecting the financial and economic performance of companies. In addition, its access to the most complete and exclusive corporate and global markets data base allow it to converge on the possible value ranges for the target companies.

“Due Diligence”:

A complete and well conducted due diligence is critical to ensure that the operating and financial assumptions adopted to determine value ranges are not affected by hidden liabilities. This is particularly important when analyzing potential investments in certain industries and business environments in Brazil.




Phoenix’s experience in structuring transactions where careful attention is paid to each party’s interests in a proposed transaction has proven to be extremely successful. Our understanding of the hidden risks and opportunities  which many times drive M&A transactions has also been helpful in achieving successful outcomes.

Phoenix  is also fully capable of assisting investors in securing additional debt or equity capital that might complement the funding of M&A transactions.

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