What we do

Phoenix specializes in the following areas:

Business and Financial Restructuring Advisory Services, involving the planning and execution of corporate turnarounds; project financing using the extensive expertise of its partners and associates in the structuring and execution of funding for projects, from planning, through startup, to completion and exit strategy; financial advisory, where the experience and expertise of its team plans and executes complex structured financial operations; and mergers and acquisitions, applying the international expertise of its team to maximize value in acquiring, spinning-off, or selling companies or assets.

Phoenix also has extensive hands-on experience working with entrepreneurs and startups, and at the request of our clients, in some cases the company acts as a principal in venture capital and private equity investments with high potential returns. This experience as an investor and entrepreneur nourishes Phoenix’s teams with the real-life challenges of creating, managing, and profitably growing a business.

  • Financial Advisory
  • Business and Financial Restructuring Advisory
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Project Financing
  • Capital Markets – Fixed Income Operations
  • Investments

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