Roberto Saeki

It all began at Chase Manhattan Bank in 1988 where Mr. Saeki was initially responsible for Japanese companies in Brazil. With a year-long transfer to Chase’s headquarters in New York, he concluded a Corporate Finance training with emphasis in company valuations, credit and asset management, constituting the basis of his career success.

6 years later, received an offer to work for Bunge Limited (NYSE:BG) headquarter and its subsidiaries, expanding his knowledge to agricultural commodities, food and fertilizers. Within the 14 years working for Bunge, he grew up from manager of planning, controlling, auditing, business analysis all the way to Administrative and Finance Director of Bunge Mexico.  As Planning and Control Manager of Fertilizers he was responsible for the valuations on the acquisitions of Manah, IAP and Ouro Verde, as well as the coordination of the fertilizer division on the initial public offering (IPO) of Bunge at the New York Stock Exchange in 2001.

Working on Bunge’s headquarter in New York for 6 years as business analysis manager for the Foods division and later the Fertilizer division, he also participated in tax planning, commodities trading limit control and synergies’ analysis for the acquired billion dollar company Cereol.

Back to the United States in 2009, he passed three years as a consultant to an industrial company in Chicago and providing consulting services for investors in the Real Estate segment, until joining Phoenix in 2012.

Mr. Saeki has a bachelor degree in Business Administration from FGV.


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